Dance Easy videos

Presented by dance facilitator, respiratory public health specialist and programme creator Sian Williams, these videos can help people with breathlessness get moving to improve their health and wellbeing.

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Living with Breathlessness, Learning from Experience

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Stitcher | Pocket Casts | RSS    Discover the work our researchers are doing to try and…

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Breathe Easy Durham Dales at Breathing Space

The header photograph was taken by Paul Waine, and shows Bev Wears of the British Lung Foundation and Rebecca Oxley,…

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Letter to my lungs

Elspeth Penny is an arts, health and communication specialist. She has a letter writing project and a creative consultancy  and writes,…

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Making the invisible visible (2)

Rebecca Oxley, post-doctoral research fellow on the Life of Breath project, writes about the recent project launch in Durham (see…

Making the invisible visible (1)

Sarah McLusky, Project Manager (Durham) writes: What is breath? We all know what it feels like. We can perceive the…

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Portrait Therapy for Life Support?

Susan M D Carr, art therapist at the Prospect Hospice and PhD Student at Loughborough University, writes: I was in…

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