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To Breathe Ourselves into Some Other Lungs

  A cappella singing, a lone rower in the Pacific Ocean, fungal spores, clairvoyance and a baby’s cries…what could possibly…

The Last Breath

25 August 2017, Edinburgh VISIONS OF THE FUTURE: A GOOD DEATH Over 50% of people say they want to die…

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Heart Failure

The header image shows a viola, also called heartsease. Music therapist and writer Kate Binnie writes:  I am in the hospital….

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Breathless in Bristol (3)

Please note that audio files of all the talks given at this conference will be available shortly. Life of Breath…

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The First and Last Breath: reflections from palliative & neonatal care

Kate Binnie, yoga teacher and music therapist, writes:  In his brilliant book Being Mortal (2015) Atul Gawande calls for all…

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‘With wide lungs’: smoking, wind and air in W. Somerset Maugham’s The Merry-Go-Round

Jess Farr-Cox, Project Manager (Bristol) writes: The Merry-Go-Round is not as well-known as other works by W. Somerset Maugham, such…

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Breath of Life on Radio Scotland

First broadcast on Good Friday 2016, the Breath of Life radio programme featured our principle investigator Jane Macnaughton in conversation with Anna…

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The breath between: art, film, mortality, and AIR

Jenny Chamarette (writer, curator and film scholar and Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Queen Mary University of London), and Anna…

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‘All his heart was cold’

In honour of the Glastonbury Festival, Jess Farr-Cox, Project Manager (Bristol) writes a post with an Arthurian flavour (see also ‘Arthur’s…

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Portrait Therapy for Life Support?

Susan M D Carr, art therapist at the Prospect Hospice and PhD Student at Loughborough University, writes: I was in…

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