A woman blows into the spirometer at a Mashavu camp at the Children and Youth Empowerment Center in Nyeri, Kenya. Photo credit: Khanjan Mehta

Breathing Race Into the Machine

‘When you press the button, you’re actually making the idea of race and racial difference’ Lundy Braun discusses how racism is literally built into the spirometer.

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Breath in Classical Singing

“Breath is the beginning and end of what we do as classical singers” Miranda Wright In this episode we turn…

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Breath in Visual Art

‘Art changes human experience as it reorders our perceptions and engages our emotions’ (Starr, 2013) Artist Jayne Wilton has spent…

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Breath, Pulse and Measure

In his manifesto ‘Projective Verse’ (1950) the poet Charles Olson proposed a new view of poetic structure based on the…

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Under The Surface

Under the Surface is a choral piece composed by Toby Young which was specially commissioned for, and premiered at, the…

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Kate Binnie singers

To Breathe Ourselves into Some Other Lungs

  A cappella singing, a lone rower in the Pacific Ocean, fungal spores, clairvoyance and a baby’s cries…what could possibly…

It Felt Like Drowning

  ‘It Felt Like Drowning’ is the winner of our recent Inspired musical composition competition. Entrants were invited to attend…

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10 Years Smoke Free

  On 1st July 2007 England banned smoking in enclosed public places. Although contentious at the time it has gone…

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Letter to your Breath

  If you were invited to write a letter to your breath, what would you say? Bristol anthropologist Alice Malpass…

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Living with Breathlessness, Learning from Experience

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Stitcher | Pocket Casts | RSS    Discover the work our researchers are doing to try and…

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The invisibility of breathlessness: physiology, perceptions and politics

Jane Macnaughton discusses why breathlessness is an invisible symptom, why the people who experience it can be invisible in society and how this is hampering the battle against lung disease.

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