Five breathtaking years

As the project ends, lead researchers Jane Macnaughton and Havi Carel reflect on five years of Life of Breath.

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Our final conspiration

This year the Life of Breath project will end after 5 years, around 50 research publications and countless events and…

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Under The Surface

Under the Surface is a choral piece composed by Toby Young which was specially commissioned for, and premiered at, the…

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Letter to your Breath

  If you were invited to write a letter to your breath, what would you say? Bristol anthropologist Alice Malpass…

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Poetry reading

7th April 2017, Bristol Join us in the upstairs room of the Lansdown pub in Clifton for a poetry reading,…

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Under the Surface

Composer and academic Toby Young writes: ‘Our business in living is to become fluent with the life we are living and art…

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Night of Breath

19 Nov 2016, Bristol An evening exploring the breath made visible through music and dance which will include the premiere…

Metaphysics and heavy breathing (or Tippett’s Fourth Symphony)

How can art (in this case, music) illuminate human experience? Here project collaborator Toby Young contemplates Tippett’s Symphony No. 4 (1977), a ‘birth…

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Metaphysics and Heavy Breathing (or Tippett’s Fourth Symphony)

Composer Toby Young writes: Tippett’s Fourth Symphony is a vast and complex tone poem, concerned with life, death and the…

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The core Bristol and Durham teams were supported by a number of expert collaborators who brought valuable specialist knowledge to…

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