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Interactive Workshops for North East Support Groups

What does breathlessness feel like? How do thoughts, emotions and beliefs affect our breathing? Would better ways of describing breathlessness help doctors and patients communicate?

Our researchers are trying to answer these questions and others. We want to help people with breathlessness live well. To make sure our work is useful we want to encourage people who experience breathless (for whatever reason) to get involved in the project, come along to events, take part online or even contribute to the research.

The Durham team are offering to visit Breathe Easy or other patient support groups in North East England to explain a bit more about the project and how to get involved. We can offer a session to suit individual group meeting times and member interests. Sessions will be tailored for each group, but an introductory workshop might involve

  • a breath-themed pub-style quiz
  • small group discussions
  • short creative writing games
  • breath sounds activity

Workshops are free and available most days by arrangement.

Download a printable workshop flyer

To book your workshop please contact Rebecca Oxley (rebecca.oxley@durham.ac.uk, 0191 334 8196) or Sarah McLusky (sarah.mclusky@durham.ac.uk, 0191 334 8142)

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