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Five breathtaking years

As the project ends, lead researchers Jane Macnaughton and Havi Carel reflect on five years of Life of Breath.

(Mc)Mindfulness and the politics of breath

Chloe Asker, PhD student at the University of Exeter, considers the quiet activism of ‘just’ breathing. Over the course of…

Mindful Yoga videos

In 2019 our researcher Krzysztof Bierski coordinated a participatory research programme called Movement Playground. The sessions, held at Mindful Therapies…

‘She’s Breathing’ a poem by Alexandra Pârvan

While visiting the University of Bristol and working alongside Havi Carel and the Bristol team, Alexandra Pârvan was inpired to…

Publications and other Outputs

Dance for people with chronic breathlessness: a transdisciplinary approach to intervention development (Harrison et al, 2020)

Dance is fun, social and improves fitness, making it a promising form of exercise for people experiencing breathlessness.

Objects of safety and imprisonment (Binnie et al, 2020)

Exploring the conscious and unconscious relationships that people who experience breathlessness have with their health objects.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Breath, Body and World (2020)

This special breath-themed issue of the journal Body and Society explores breath as a neglected topic within body studies.

X-rays don’t tell lies (McGuire, 2019)

The British Medical Research Council’s medical surveys of the South Wales collieries represent a key conflict between standardization and individuals’…

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